Easy Peasy Pizza


Spinach And Mozzarella Pizza

A couple days ago Mum brought back some mozzarella from work and today I thought I'd give pizza a go. Surely that's the best thing to do with it? Who doesn't like pizza? It was really quick to make and could be easily done with kids. You could easily split the dough into two kid-size bases and top with whatever you like!
(Makes 1 1-2 person pizza. I ate all of mine! Nom nom nom.)
150g SR flour, 1/2 tsp easy action yeast, 1/2 tsp salt, 100ml warm water, 1/2 tsp oil
(I also put black pepper, rosemary and thyme in the mix for extra flavour)

1/3 tin chopped tomatoes/passata, mozzarella, garlic, spinach (I only had frozen), red onion, black pepper, rock salt and chilli flakes

-Mix flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl (and herbs etc if desired.)
-Make a well and gradually mix in warm water and oil with a wooden spoon until a dough is formed,
-Knead the dough on a floured surface for a few minutes. No need to leave it to rise but it's completely up to you.
-Roll the dough out and place on a pizza tray.
-Spread the tomatoes/puree/passata on the base.
-Top with mozzarella, onion, garlic and black pepper
-As I only had frozen spinach, I had to defrost it and squeeze the water out of it otherwise my pizza would've been too soggy!
-Cook altogether
-Sprinkle with chilli flakes and rock salt if desired. I personally like a little salt on this spinach so it looses it's swampiness (for want of a better word)
-I also added a bit of cheddar because I love cheese...

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