Roll Up! Roll Up!


Sage And Onion Rolls

Hey people! Yes, I've been baking again. I'm getting addicted. There are so many things to try! Anywho, this time I've decided to give sage and onion a go. If it can work in stuffing then why not in bread? It may have had something to do with the fact that I've had some oak smoked sage in my kitchen cupboard for a while. (It smells so good! Buy some!!)
Well I've made them, tried them (obviously...nom nom) and they're good! I used the same basic recipe as my olive and rosemary rolls here but left out the garlic, olives and rosemary and swapped it for a load of sage and 1 small, finely chopped, fried onion. I did try and blot some of the moisture out of the onions with kitchen roll but I still had to add a bit more flour (and water to bind.)
You can tell I'm not a professional chef! I'm trying though and I'm learning so it's all good :)

Give them a go. They're pretty yummy with cheese. NOM!

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