10 Reasons My Sister's Great!


On behalf of National sibling day here's a photo of me and my sister dressed as dinosaurs. You may look at it and think that we are weird and yes, I'd have to agree with you, but aren't we all a little weird in our own ways? This is one reason that I love my sister. She accepts my weirdness and definitely enhances it. In fact, she's the weirdest, funniest little person I know. Love you Luce xx

1. She makes me laugh me laugh more than anyone else, even if it's just be letting me poke her face. In fact, a couple of days ago she had me in hysterics just from washing up. (Maybe she spiked my tea?!)

2. I can tell her almost anything. We've always been really close and I love that I can confide in her and she can with me.

3. She understands our family and it's craziness. All I need to do is raise an eyebrow and she knows exactly what's going on.

4. She gives me an honest opinion (sometimes a little too honest) which I appreciate. Sisters don't feel the need to be extra nice to you like friends sometimes do. She can tell it how it is. If my make-up's a bit wonky or my outfit's a bit too...'interesting' she'll tell me. 

5. All the in jokes and shared quotes. We both like a good quote. I don't know why but it's one of our things. Sometimes it's from real life and sometimes TV or film. 

6. We aren't cheese-y people. We don't send cards with meaningful words. We call each other fat, ugly losers but that's just how we work. We know that we love each other.

7. She gives me the best hugs and is great to snuggle with and watch a film.

8. I love it when she's home or when I go and visit her and we have these long, great chats. Usually it's whilst doing silly quizzes or watching TV. We can talk about anything and they can go on until my eyes start to close. Last night I was basically asleep and she was still here, sat on my bed, talking to me. :)

9. I trust her with important things.

10. She's like a mini me but a lot smarter and cooler.


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