Fat And Fabulous?


Hey readers. I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a Marmite-y post but I feel compelled to write it. I have just watched Plus Sized Wars on Channel 4 as I'm sure a lot of people have. Fat fashion is a very controversial subject. 
It was an interesting programme that one hand was very positive about giving body confidence to young women and providing fashionable clothes in larger sizes. That's great. I'm all for boosting confidence in people and giving them choices of cool. funky things to wear.
On the other side; the darker side, it was quite sad. A lot of these women were dangerously obese and whilst I applaud their body confidence, I worry that a lot of them are proud of being 'fat and fabulous' as opposed to fabulous in spite of being fat. It's like it's being applauded.
I realise that I could come across as a complete bitch but I don't mean to insult anyone. Everyone's beautiful and different but being obese is so bad for your health. It puts extra strain on your muscles and joints, causes diabetes, heart problems, strokes and inevitably shorten your life. 
I'm not saying that it's ugly or that people should be ashamed but there's a difference between being proud of being fat and being proud of your body in spite of that. I wish I knew how to word this better...
For example, like with 'normal' models, there is a pressure to look a certain way. Some plus-size models have been asked to put on weight, in spite of being a healthy size. As with size 6 models being asked to lose weight, it's a ridiculous request.
One blogger mentioned in the programme was a girl called Georgina who has a blog about fashion for the curvier girl. Georgina seemed like a great role model, encouraging positivity but when she realised she wanted to get healthier and lose some weight, to give herself the future she wanted, she was inundated with spiteful messages about 'giving in' etc. It was horrendous, the poor girl. She had to choose between popularity and her health. I'm glad to say that she chose her health.
I accept that people are different shapes and sizes and that some people will never look how they wish they would. I'm not saying that I'm any better than anyone else. I'm not! My weight fluctuates like most other peoples. Sometimes I'm a bit bigger than I know I should be and other times I'm smaller. I'm not going to stress over it. I know I try and eat healthily and I try to keep fit and that's all that matters. 
All in all, I applaud the high street for catering to our ever expanding waistlines but I wish they wouldn't use it as an excuse to wrongly influence young people into an unhealthy lifestyle. Extremes in size from super skinny to super sized are just plain unhealthy.
We shouldn't be seperated into these two teams. We should all just aim to be a natural, healthy weight and size. It shouldn't be a war. Clothes should just be clothes. 
I know I'm ranting. I'm aware that I do that but sometimes these issues get me so wound up. The last time I felt frustrated about this issue was when I went into a clothes shop a few weeks ago. I won't name them. I looked at a jeans mannequin and I was actually shocked by the skinniness of it. I felt really angry and almost asked to talk to the manager. I wasn't quite brave enough... I'm not saying that they can't have skinny mannequins but this was horribly, unnaturally, unattainably skinny.
Why can't clothing manufacturers do what they should do and not just think of their wallets? Why can't they scrap the overly skinny mannequins and overly fat mannequins and have a range of healthy sized ones from the naturally svelte to the naturally curvacious.
Let's promote healthy body confidence!

I hope this post hasn't insulted anyone or made anyone feel bad about themselves. I just wanted to put my spin on the whole situation. You are all beautiful people, whatever your size.
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  1. OH my god. I am so glad you posted this. I feel exactly the same! I watched the programme too. I need to discuss this with you in person!!
    Sarah xx