It's Beardfacé Dammit!


My cousin came down from Ireland this week to give us invitations to his wedding. (This blog post isn't starting like you thought it would, is it?) Anyway, we were talking weddings and dresses and all of that hoopla when we got onto wedding presents. It wasn't a big, proper chat I grant you. It was more of a 'What can I knit you?' and his fiance asked for a beard. (My kinda woman!) She asked for a ginger beard and so, with my currently job-free days I set to it.
Pinterest is very handy for times like these! I followed a link to a blog called Lil Bit which had a great, easy pattern. I shall now be reading through other posts. Yey! I love finding a new blog!
I added a plaited moustache because...well why not? Exactly. Let's hope she likes it! What do you think?

Happy bearding everyone! 

Update-She loves the beard!
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  1. Oh that is wonderful - I find it so hard to grow a beard... not having the right hormones and all. Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful comment on my blog, it has warmed the cockles of my heart. Lots of love, Kate (from greedy for colour). xx

  2. Thanks :) Your blog is amazing though! I wish I could crochet or even knit properly! xx