My Life In Songs


Morning readers! Today I'm bringing you my life in songs. Now let's take a trip down memory lane and have a good old boogie!
Which songs would make it onto your list?

The ultimate girl band of the 90s. How could I not? I don't know if I had a favourite but I think I had the Posh Spice doll. Made all the Barbies look like losers!

My first gig! I think I was 13 and me and my cousin Sarah got the tickets as Christmas presents. I was ridiculously excited and rightly so. He was AMAZING. I think I still have the diamanté Rock DJ top!
The first band I saw live with friends. I got dehydrated while waiting for them to come on and fainted in the middle of the crowd. How cool am I? Haha.
When I did TrekAmerica a couple of years ago, every morning when we jumped in the van our tour guide Mark would put on this song. I can't not smile when I hear this song. Love love love it!
George Ezra's debut album was the soundtrack to my latest Californian adventure and I can't think of a better one. This particular song makes me want to wander around Yosemite again. It just seemed to go with the feel of the place.

For some reason it won't show any more videos but I did want one of Kasabian too. One of my favourite ever bands.

Who would you put on your list?

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