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Marshmallow Fluff
While I was walking around Topshop in Bristol with Mambo and Luce, I spotted one of my favourite naughty things-Marshmallow Fluff! If you haven't tried it and you're a sucker for marshmallows then I highly recommend it. Yum! Some people use it in cooking and some just like to eat it from a spoon. I may be the latter of the two...
Anywho, I decided (was told by Lucy) not to buy it and so I left it there. Sad story, I know.
A couple of days later, however, she sent me this link, which showed me how to make some myself!
As you can see, I've given it a go and I have to admit that it does taste like marshmallow fluff! Mine is a bit runnier than the bought stuff but I think that's because I poured the hot sugar syrup in too quickly. 
Never the less, it's good and I'm going to find some recipes so I can use it. Yey!!

Have you ever made marshmallow fluff? Did you use this recipe or another? How did it turn out?

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