Spring Cleaning-Underwear Drawer


Hey readers! Let's all take a minute to think about pants. I'm sorry. I just really wanted to write that sentence because it sounded funny in my head. I'm so childish...
Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because I was putting some clean underwear back in my drawer this morning and I realised how full my drawer was. I thought maybe I should have  bit of a sort out, so I pulled everything out and plonked it on my bed. Here is that mess 
A while ago, maybe two or more years ago, I decided that I would try and organise my underwear in the hope of becoming more grown up (see earlier post where I state that I am definitely not a grown up). Although it didn't really change anything in that respect, it did make me feel more in control and more sophisticated (pauses for laughs,) So, here is how I did it :)

1. Seperate items out into groups-socks, tights, knickers, swimwear, lingerie, bras

2. Socks-I like to have an assortment of socks. Cute socks, show off socks, extra chunky winter socks and really soft, super cosy bamboo socks. If you haven't heard of them then look here. They're a new-found love of mine. If they are really worn out, too small, have holes, you just don't like them, are odd CHUCK THEM OUT. Group 1-done

3. Tights-I wear a lot of tights and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I'm usually wearing reddy, maroon colour tights and people have spotted me from far away by them. I am currently trying different colours to try and mix it up a bit but they are still my favourites. I know tights aren't for everyone and everyone has their own tastes so I won't tell you what to wear and what not to but if they are bobbly, too small, too big, laddered, have holes, are ugly or unflattering CHUCK THEM OUT. Group 2-done.

4. Knickers-No-one deserves ugly pants! Get yourself some nice ones. Completely up to you what types but do yourself a favour and don't just buy a multi-pack from a supermarket. Get some pretty/funky ones too. It's not like knickers are expensive and you'll feel so much better for it. If they are too small, too big, broken, unflattering, ugly or you just don't like them CHUCK THEM OUT. Group 3-done.

5. Swimwear-Now, I have to admit that despite my moans and groans about it being hard to find swimwear when you have a bust this busty, I do actually own 3 bikinis and a swimsuit. I think the main thing is to have one thing, be it a bikini, tankini, swimsuit (apologies to my sister for saying cossie!) that fits you really well, is comfortable, supportive and you like it. You may have to fork out more than you would really want to but to get something you are really happy with, that should last you is worth it. It's an investment. I have had enough bad ones to know this! If it doesn't fit right and/or you don't like it CHUCK IT OUT. See this post for cute swimwear for busty ladies. Group 4-done.

6.Lingerie-I used to think that I would always be happy with cute mix and match bras and knickers 24/7 and on the whole, I am but there are certain occasions *wink wink nudge nudge* that make me want to wear something a bit sexier or at least matching. Also, sometimes it just feels good to wear something a bit sexy underneath, just for you. I think that all women should have at least one set or outfit or corset or whatever that makes them feel amazing about themselves. No-one deserves ugly, grey, old knickers. You're beautiful and you deserve to feel that way! If you don't feel good in it CHUCK IT OUT. Group 5-done.

7.Bras-I left the best 'til last. I do have a thing about bras. It seems to be one of my main topics of conversations. It's probably because a lot of the times, my boobs are pointed out to me (like I hadn't noticed them!) Your boobs, whatever size or shape deserve to be treated well and supported.
- It's useful to have a few good everyday bras that give you good support and good shape. It should lie flat across your breast and the back should be fitted but able to fit two fingers comfortably inside the band at the back. What I find helpful is to try it on with a vest top on top. It will show where it fits and where it doesn't. I find it's good to have at least one black and one white but colours and patterns are up to you.
- A sports bra is a must for a lot of people and whatever your size, you will benefit from the support it will give you.
- A strapless bra can be so handy when you don't want great chunky straps showing! Wonderbra do great ones as do many other shops. Mine is from Debenhams and I'm very happy with it.
-A few pretty, flirty bras for when you need that extra boost. It'll make you feel good and look great!
-Minimisers, padded, maternity, mastectomy and all the rest....Just make sure they fit well. Do the vest top test because no-one wants to be Mrs four boobs!
If they are ugly, don't fit, don't support, are broken or faded or just too old (bras don't last forever) CHUCK THEM OUT! Group 6-done.

8. You should be left with a respectable, feel good assortment you wouldn't be embarrassed anyone rummaging through. Whatever your age, size or shape you deserve good underwear!


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