The Little Dress That Could.


(Warning! This post is not for faint hearted men. Step away now.)
I'm surrounded by weddings at the moment! I'm not kidding. I'm 150% surrounded. They've got me and there's no escape. Ribbons and invites and dresses, oh my! If I'm not talking about the wedding I recently went to, it's my friend's one or my cousins, my friend's sisters or another friend who isn't even engaged. It's ridiculous. I've found that I've got into more than a couple of in depth wedding dress conversations, which are probably due more to my prying than any bridezilla specifications.
What I've found out from the brides and brides to be is that it can be hard to find a dress. Hard to even think of a type of dress. Do you want poofy or straight, fitted or a-line, sweetheart neckline or boatneck? Even my friend who had an almost exacting idea in her head, ended up going for the complete opposite (and ruby slippers, for which she scored a 10/10.)
The main thing I've found is that price is a big factor. None of these people are Richie Rich; just normal people. Bespoke, highly detailed, bigger than anything out of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style dresses are kind of out of the question, but you can still get beautiful ones.
It made me think about what I'd want...Yes, I know what you're thinking. I'd need a partner first. Shut up. Anyway, I'm not one of those crazy girls who's been planning their wedding since birth. I do not have a print out of the font type I need on my invites. I don't have a sample of the exact lace I need. I'm not a crazy psycho. And overall, I do not wear a veil on dates. Haha.
I've always thought (ever since I've thought about this topic, which isn't that long.) that I would want a vintage dress. I do not mean vintage style. I mean pre-worn, pre-loved. I think that if people are going to go to the effort of making such a beautiful, special, meaningful dress then it would be such a terrible waste to be then left in a box or on a hanger to rot away. These dresses are special. They were made to be loved and I think that giving it the chance to be loved over and over again is wonderfully romantic.
I have recently been given my gran's old wedding dress by my aunty. She'd had it for years in a box and I hated the thought of it being loved and looked at just the once and then left to die.
I brought the dress out of the box this morning and yes, I tried it on. Obviously it was too small. What did I expect, really? Haha.
I spoke to my sister about it and we decided that giving it to someone who could use it or love it again would be the best thing we could do. So, I set out looking for somewhere that would take it and my lovely friend Kim said they could use it in a show if I wanted.
I could understand how some people may think of this as disrespectful but I think that if it can be used again and enjoyed that's great. After all, isn't that why it was made? To bring joy into people's hearts. Ok, this is all getting a bit mushy. Blame the hormones and the big, poofy dress! I'm off to hammer some drywall.
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