Amazing Shop Discovery


Whilst visiting Lucy on Friday, after painting and lunch, we popped into a couple of shops. (FYI if you haven't been to Park Street in Bristol then you are missing out! Gorgeous setting, by the water and all things arty and with the best shops. It beats regular high street shops! In fact, it was even shortlisted for Great British High Street 2014.) 
So anywhosers, we had a look in one of the shops and came across this gorgeous porcelain jewellery  by And Mary. If you know me then you might know that I'm a sucker for anything to do with animals in jewellery or prints or...anything, so this was right up my street.
I've now had a little (ok, long) browse on the website and have decided that I need almost everything. If only I could afford it...How long 'til Christmas?

Go and browse the website, I dare you!

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