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Evening readers. How are you? 
I've had such a fab few days in Amsterdam with my friend Emily. It was rather windy but mostly dry and bright. What would you expect from a flat country, full of windmills? 
As a country girl, I like cities but they can be a bit overwhelming and busy but Amsterdam, unlike other cities, felt quite calm and safe. In the week it didn't even seem too busy, but it changed at the weekend. Stag-do's a-hoy!
Although Amsterdam seems to be mostly known today as being a classic stag-do location, there's so much more to it than that. Did you know that there are over 50 museums, various galleries, a whole bunch of shops and more canals than Venice? So much for just weed and prostitutes!

We also went on a couple of excursions out of the city, to see a few windmills, a klompenmakerij (clog makers), a cheese factory and another to Keukonhof-land of tulips. We were planning in sorting these things out ourselves but with our combined lack of direction, it seemed safer to go with a company. It wasn't bad for the money either! We went with Tours and Tickets
So overall, I would definitely recommend Amsterdam to everyone. A gorgeous, friendly place! Just don't forget to pack a map and watch out for bicycles!
(FYI this counts as my travel Tuesday despite it being Monday.)
Hope you had a great week!

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