The Problems With Having Big Boobs


People Stare-A Lot
 It's as if we put them there on purpose to attract attention. Oh, and we're supposed to act like we didn't notice? Well stop making it so obvious then. And it's not just the men; it's women too. Why is it so acceptable to stare so blatantly? If I was to stare at your woman-moustache or your pot belly, you wouldn't like it so much, would you? Pop your eyes back in your sockets.

And They Comment
Are they real? Wow, they're massive. Nice melons etc...
Apparently these are completely fine to say randomly to someone. We're supposed to laugh it off and go 'oh these?' No.
I'm not saying all comments are bad but there are certain times, places and people... You don't want some random old geezer asking about them. What are they to do with him? You didn't ask him whether his ears were naturally that hairy. It's rude. Stop it.

Back Ache
They're heavier than you'd think and carrying them around all day can really make your back ache. Like most women at the end of the day, I like relax without the scaffolding but on the whole, I'm much comfier with it on. I guess it distributes the strain better...

Try as I might to improve my posture, it's generally bad. I can't help it. These things weigh me down! I have to actively try to hold my shoulders back and straighten my spine...and then when I do, people ask me why I'm sticking my boobs out. I'm not. They're sticking themselves out. Jeez.

Ham Arms
Anyone with big boobs knows what I'm talking about. You can try to lose weight or tone them up but as long as you have those boobs, those ham arms are going nowhere! Try looking nice in spaghetti straps with massive bra straps and ham arms! Not as easy as you'd think...

Expensive Bras
The smaller boobed among us can buy cute, little, pretty bras from any high street shop for fairly cheapish. The more ample bosomed have to spend a bit more for something cute and supportive. I understand why it costs us more but it's still annoying.

Ugly Swimwear
Like the bras, you have to pay a bit more to get something cute and supportive. And even when you are prepared to spend a bit more, they're still generally not as cute as the smaller ones. It is getting better though, but sometimes it takes a bit of searching. See here for some good retailers and styles!

Shirts Not a good idea. Not unless you want to just button up the bottom half and wear a vest underneath. No shirt will ever fit you perfectly all the way down unless you get it from a specialist shop and spend a fortune. Yep, that seems fair...

Baggy Tops
Want to look pregnant? Enough said...

Chunky Jumpers
Sometimes it's flippin' cold and all you want is to snuggle up in a big cosy jumper. Some people can wear them with skinny jeans and boots and look effortlessly stylish. The boobers however will ultimately end up looking massive and mumsy. Roll on Summer.

Spaghetti straps, bikinis, boob tubes, more staring, under-boob sweat. Summer can be a pain in the ass too. I know! I'll just wear a vest top with shorts. Easy and effortless...Oh wait, I look like cartoon Lara Croft and here comes the staring again. ARG.

Long Necklaces
Sure, they look pretty and bohemian but wait until you start walking, or better yet, running! You are going to get hit...a lot. Maybe even in the face, if you're running! And you really shouldn't be running anyway without a sports bra! What a constant kerfuffle...

(And the ones that didn't quite make the list-High necklines, monoboobs, plunging necklines, running, sagging, stretchmarks, short tops made even shorter by your boobs filling up the whole thing, various exercises...)

This all being said; I quite like them. I just needed to get that off my chest (pun intended.) They're comforting and warm and can make me feel womanly and sexy (plus they even out my big thighs! Haha.) I guess they aren't so bad after all. I just felt the need for a little rant...

Is there anything you find annoying about having big/small boobs that you feel the need to moan about? Come on. Let's share the pain!

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