Travel Tuesday-Keukenhof, Netherlands


Hi and welcome to Travel Tuesday! I am lucky enough to have visited some beautiful, interesting places and intend to visit a lot more!Over the weeks I'd like to share with you, some of the places I visited. Sometimes it may be a specific place and other times it may be a general area or city. It could be my native England or it could be somewhere far away. Anyway, hopefully you'll find it interesting!
Since just coming back from my holiday a week ago, it would be rude not to have the beautiful gardens of Keukenhof as my Travel Tuesday.
We took an afternoon trip there to see the lovely tulips and we weren't disappointed. I'm not particularly interested in gardening or horticulture but I still found it wonderful. I was swept away by the lovely colours and surprising amount of different varieties. 
Even if you are like me and plants aren't really 'your thing', I would still recommend it, purely for the aesthetics. It's so beautiful. Just have a look...

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