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Lemon And Poppyseed Cupcakes
When we were in Amsterdam, me and Emily stumbled across this cute, little bakery called De Bakkerswinkel. If you're ever in Amsterdam (or any of their other locations) I definitely recommend it. We ended up going there for breakfast, three days out of five and on the last day I opted for a lemon and poppyseed scone with passion fruit jam. Oh my God! It was amazing. I have to try and make some.

Anywho; inspired by that lovely breakfast, here are my little cupcakes. 

125g flour, 125g caster sugar, 1 lemon (juice and rind), 2 tsp poppy seeds, 125g unsalted butter, 2 eggs

-Preheat oven to 180c.
-Cream the butter and sugar together.
-Add eggs, lemon zest and poppy seeds.
-Fold in flour
-Add the juice and then spoon into 15 cupcake cases. (You could do less and fill them more but I like them little.)
-Cook for about 15 minutes, until springy to the touch and a skewer comes out clean.
-Cool and top with lemon butter-cream icing (butter, lemon juice, icing sugar and poppy seeds)
-Eat! Nom nom nom!

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