20 Things British People Do On Holiday


Morning readers! I'm back from Croatia. We returned yesterday to the grey and the drizzle of England. So, still a little sleep deprived and having now overdosed on tea, I thought I'd start off again with this holiday inspired post. Hope you all had a great week :)

Sing 'We're all going on a summer holiday'

Getting on the plane in the UK wearing enough clothes to withstand our weather and then getting off the other end, feeling like you've walked directly into the sun

Get the Neapolitan ice-cream look (as my sister called it.) Having patches of tanned, burnt and pale skin. Who doesn't love this look?

Looking around whilst relaxing and immediately spotting all of the other Brits...and wishing you weren't one of them

Get really excited about the sunshine and booze but soon realise that it's too much for you and hide in the shade OR fall asleep and burn

Walk around with giant maps, loudly mispronouncing local places

Feeling really self conscious in your swimwear as you see all of the svelte, tanned Europeans, so scour the area for someone wobblier or paler than you until you can fully relax

Imagine that you'll make an effort with the local language but actually just speak English loudly...and then complain if they can't understand you

Be amazed that you can walk around at night without sleeves. How is this possible??

Get excited about all of the interesting food and then search for something basic, like a cheese sandwich and get frustrated because you can only find foreign food (and their cheese isn't even Cheddar.)

Have 'a proper cup of tea' withdrawal symptoms even though you packed a load of teabags in your suitcase

Laugh at foreign words that sound rude and be tempted to buy anything with a hilarious name

Buy some tack for your friends because y'know, it's tradition. They don't really want it and you don't want to have to spend your money on it but it happens

Buy postcards and return home faster than they do, with stories and photos, making them redundant

Try to take Selfies ( I hate that word.) that look effortlessly chic and windswept but end up looking burnt, full of chins and bedraggled...so take A LOT more until you get a good one

Take a classic feet photo

Have a discussion about 'proper' bacon and Heinz beans

Spend ages being confused as to whether something is cheap or expensive because you've forgotten the conversion

Buy a load of random crap at the duty free because you still have some money to use up and a giant bottle of Baileys for 160 Kuna seemed like a bargain at the time...

Whilst landing back in England, comment on how green everything looks

Have I missed anything? Is there anything funny you or someone you know does?
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