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Hey readers!
Today I'm talking about vegetarianism and veganism but before you roll your eyes and go 'oh no', hear me out. This is not one of those shove it down your throat, gory video filled things. It's purely my take on the whole situation. Ok?
First, a little personal history. I've lived on a farm my whole life and although it's 'supposed to' desensitise you from the whole situation, it didn't. I understand it a lot better from the farmers point of view than a lot of people do, but I'm still not a fan. On my thirteenth birthday we went out for a family meal. My dad had a rack of ribs and I remember staring at it. I told my mum that I didn't want to eat meat again and I haven't. I was never a fan of meat and I loved vegetables, to it was an easy transition. The only things I remember missing were bacon (everybody always says bacon) and meat chilli. I still eat fish, dairy and eggs, although I try to limit the fish and eggs creep me out. Haha. If you were wondering, the technical term is Pescatarian (not weird veggie thing).
The older I get, the more I think about giving up fish, dairy and eggs too. I like to learn as much about animals and food as I can, to make an informed decision. I don't like to preach to anyone but I like to think about my personal impact on other animals and the planet. I think more people should. Far too many people just want cheap, easy food and don't think about the consequences.
Me and my friend Hannah had a good chat food yesterday. It's nice to be able to chat about proper food and not feel like your being a food bore. Anyway, she mentioned this documentary on Netflix called Vegucation, about an experiment with six meat and cheese loving New Yorkers who were willing to try out veganism for six weeks, get some education on factory farming and how it all impacts our planet.
 It was really interesting (and disgusting) actually. I watch a lot of food and animal programmes and I still learned something. I would definitely recommend it; especially to people who have never even given it a thought. It may just change the way you think about certain things...
So, I finished watching the video and had a big think...

I'd love to be vegan because I often get food guilt. I hate the thought of an animal dying unnecessarily so I can eat it/wear it/etc... It's so cruel. But as much as I'd like to completely follow this and feel a whole lot better...there are a few problems.

Living in the countryside, you have limited options for a veggie anyway. Mmm tomato pasta again. But when you're vegan it's almost impossible...

...and pigs are used for EVERYTHING

I think for now, I'm going to stay a pescatarian but who knows about the future. Maybe I'll try out veganism one day. It may not be as hard as I think. Maybe just vegetarianism. I know that I'm informed and I try to do the best that I reasonably can, so I'm not going to keep beating myself up about it. It's a difficult decision...

Get Vegucated and see how you feel.

Are you Pescatarian/Vegetarian/Vegan? What made you change?

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