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Bean Burgers
It's been so hot here the past few weeks; especially this week. Prime time for barbecues! Work free yesterday, I decided to have a few friends over for one. I had my shopping list in my head-salad bits, buns, drinks, fruit, crisps and meat (and fake meat for me). I grabbed them some meat and looked for my veggie alternative but I was stuck. Admittedly I was in a small-ish supermarket but all that was offered to me was a weird vegetable burger and something cardboard-like. I was not impressed. 
It was fine, I had sausages (Linda McCartney-very nice) but it wasn't what I really wanted. 
Today, predictably, we ate barbecue style food again as we  had a lot left over but this time I decided to have a go at making burgers. I'd tried different recipes before but they usually fell apart. This time though, I was in luck! Give them a go and see what you think.  (Makes 4)
1 tin of kidney beans, half a small red onion, 2 mushrooms, 3/4 olives, chopped garlic or garlic paste, black pepper, salt, rosemary, thyme, 1 egg, 130g(ish) breadcrumbs (I used two small burger buns and made breadcrumbs)
-Preheat the oven to 180.
-Drain and rinse the kidney beans and mash in a large bowl. (You can use a food processor if you want.)
-Finely chop the onion, mushrooms and olives and stir into the mixture.
-Add the garlic and seasoning to taste. I like a lot of garlic and black pepper personally.
-Crack an egg and stir in. The mixture should be quite wet.
-Gradually add in the breadcrumbs until it feels more like a dough, but still a bit sticky.
-Prepare a baking tray and form four little patties.
-Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes.
-Eat! I've let these two cool and then put them in the freezer for next time.

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