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I've been looking up hairstyles recently because I fancied a change. It's silly because I like my hair at the moment but I'm bored of it, y'know. It's feeling a bit wiggy and teenage and it needs to go. Anywho, this is not the point. 
I was browsing styles and I wanted to look at short-ish, funky hair on someone with a more rounded face. I thought of Dunham. I generally think she looks pretty cool and I like her. Yes, I realise this is a Marmite topic and she isn't to everyone's liking but come on; who is?
Predictably, I found myself looking at her style, quotes etc, as well as her hair and thought I'd do a little post dedicated to her. This is why she rocks...
Body Positivity

She's curvy and imperfect and she knows it, yet she's happy with her looks. For some reason this seems to be such a big deal in today's media. Why shouldn't she be happy? She's young and healthy. She's had so much bad press about flashing some flesh on Girls that you'd think someone died. No, she's not six foot tall and eight stone. So what?? She's much more relatable to the average girl than that. She's herself and she's true to that. Everybody should feel this good about themselves! I intend to and I hope you do too.
She's Smart

She's written a book that get's quoted all the time plus (love it or hate it) Girls. Personally, I love it. Named as the anti-SATC (which I also loved), Lena brought in another version of what it's like to be a twenty-something in New York. Her characters are more relatable, the situations more gritty and I love the realistic dialogue. People may take it for granted but writing dialogue that sounds like someone would actually say it is pretty hard to do. There are so many badly written TV programmes and films that I just can't stand. This makes me appreciate good writing.
She's a feminist and she's non-judgemental about people's looks, lifestyles or traits. If that isn't smart, what is?

She's Funny & Honest

What can I say? Watch girls or check out this mini Youtube series.
Cute Style
She wears what she wants, where she wants (and it isn't trousers!) I love this. Sure she has a stylist for the red carpet, like everyone else in that industry but her overall clothing choices are great. They're quirky and they're her. We are our own brands after all and we don't want to go around as someone else. We are all individuals with individual tastes and we should embrace them.

Just So Many Quotes...

Well, that's my Lena love fest over. Now I may have to go and watch Girls or play with my new hair.
Obsessed? Me?

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  1. Aww I LOVE this post, love Lena, love your new hair! :)