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It's been a few days since I've done a proper post and truthfully, it's because I've been feeling a bit of a Judy Moody. There's been no one reason in particular but I have been having a bit of a grump.
It's not good and it's not helping anyone, feeling all self pitying. Like a lot of people when the weather gets me down (we can always blame the weather!), I need a kick up the bum and a hot cup of tea. Ready to turn that frown upside-down? Here are my....

My family
My friends
Cups of tea
Cute dresses and slumpy cardigans

Making things
Dancing around the house

Craft shopping, especially wool!
(look at all the wool!!!)
A good book
(In your end-o's!)

Slumping in PJs

Watching food programmes

Inspiring stories on Pinterest
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What are yours?
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