Grey Wool And Cookies


Ok, even I have to admit that this is a terrible post title but I really couldn't think of anything. Ask my sister. Oh well, never mind. At least you know what you're in for.

Wednesday (aka GBBO day) was a really good day. Me, Mambo and Luce went to Bath for a spot of shopping...and bought nothing. Despite that it was actually really nice. We have a scrummy lunch out at Jacob's Coffee House. I had an artichoke, goats cheese and sun-dried tomato ciabatta and it was so good! Mmm... I really have a thing for artichokes at the moment.
We decided to take a detour home via Hobbycraft and ended up buying a few balls of wool. I was looking for one in particular (WI, soft and chunky, grey) to continue a circular scarf I'd started and Lucy wanted some pompoms to edge a cushion. Of course we left with more than that! It's impossible not too. Even Mum (a non-crafter) left with a few bits and bobs.
I'd already prepared for cookie making a couple of days before, so I quickly found this recipe via Pinterest and whipped these up, in preperation of watching The Great British Bake Off. We've decided, in our house, that we must have something tasty to eat while we're watching it, so we don't feel so jealous of Mel and Sue. Haha. We still did though.
I haven't finished my scarf yet so Lucy's already told me off for wanting to share pictures but the wool looks so good. Isn't it gorgeous? It's so soft too.
I will post a picture or two when it's finished, as well, so I think it's acceptable. Meh, who cares.
Hope you had a lovely day too.

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