Side O' Slaw!


Funky, Garden Slaw
A mini recipe here for all of you crazy coleslaw fans.
I love home made coleslaw and have made it a variety of ways. It's quick, easy, healthy and so much yummier than the shop bought varieties (plus, it's pretty)! Why would you buy a lacklustre tub of cream and preservatives when you could make this lovely alternative? Why exactly...

White cabbage, carrot, red onion, red pepper, small courgette, runner beans  
Mayonnaise, horseradish sauce, mango chutney , salt, pepper, lemon juice, toasted sesame seeds.
-This veg is only a guide. Cabbage is a good base to build around with other hard veg. Raw beetroot adds a funky twist!
-Other chutneys or sweet condiments could be used; experiment.
-You don't need seeds but they definately add something. Toasted pine nuts are a great alternative.

Thinly slice the cabbage, pepper and onion and put in a bowl. (Tip-Use a lot of cabbage and not too much onion.)
Grate all remaining veg into the bowl and mix together.
Add horseradish and mango chutney. Use approximately 1/2 tsp horseradish and 1 tsp chutney to a medium sized bowl. Stir.
Add mayonnaise one spoonful at a time until it has the desired consistancy.
Season to taste and add a splash of lemon juice for a kick. 
Toast the seeds with a little oil/fry light until golden and sprinkle into the mix.
I hope you enjoy your funky slaw and experiment with different varieties. My mum makes a great red cabbage, carrot, red onion and beetroot version! You'll never want shop bought again.
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