Snuggly Snood


I finished the snood I started here and it's so cute! I love it. I can't believe I've actually made something plain. It's so unlike me. It's was really easy and pretty quick to do. I could've had it done sooner but you know; life gets in the way. Anywho, it's done now and I'm all prepared for winter. Woo hoo!

To make the same, the pattern is really simple. I used the wool stated in the previous post (2 x WI soft and chunky 100g- grey) and using 9mm needles, I cast on 40 and moss stitched the two balls, leaving enough to cast off and sew up. I wanted my join to be slightly gathered so I cast off quite tightly.
I'm really pleased with the result and can't wait to wear it. Look, it even looks cute hanging on my door. :) 

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