So, Are You Two Married?


This is a post I've started and restarted a bunch of times. I suppose I've never known quite what to say or how to say it or what I've wanted out of it. This is probably not the best reason to write a post really, haha!
I suppose part of the reason is just to try and explain the situation to myself.
You see; there's a guy...(as there always is with these kinds of stories) but the story isn't a usual one. In fact, it's all very complicated and it ended (for now; not completely) with this question-'So, are you two married?'
I'll start at the beginning (as you do)... We met when we were staying in the same hostel in America. We hung out, chatted and flirted for one day before I had to get my flight home. It wasn't really what either of us had expected but we stayed in touch for the following ten months. It was almost as if we were in a long distance pre-relationship and let me tell you, that's tiring. The problem was, we weren't in a relationship and it was likely that we never would be but we wanted to be together. Oh, and to top it off, his parents wanted him to have an arranged marriage. Great. Just what I needed.
So, that was that. We chatted daily, as if we were in a relationship, but we weren't. We talked about our daily lives and what we would do if we were together but said that we never would be. We weren't intimate with each other nor anyone else. Confusing, huh?
Eventually we met up and spent a few days together abroad. We were clear with each other about meeting up as friends but we spend the time like partners. We hugged, kissed and held hands.
In the taxi to the airport, we held hands etc and the driver asked us if we were married. Obviously that was a no. 'So, she's your girlfriend?' 'Umm...' *Cue awkward pause and giggling* 'Friends?'
It was then that I started to wonder. What are we? Not girlfriend and boyfriend...not friends with benefits... Not straight friends... We settled on something in between and left it as that.
So we hugged and parted, possibly not to see each other again but to keep in touch. I cried the whole way home. It was over; whatever it was. I was more confident that we were totally different people, with totally different lives but we cared about each other and there was something there...a spark. It wasn't enough to uproot a life and move halfway around the world but it was something.
So, yeah. Life's confusing. 
You think that the older you get, the easier it is. You find a partner, you fall in love, get a house, have kids, da di da... We'll see what the future holds but for the moment, we're friends. To be honest, I think that's all it will ever be (and that's fine) but we had our moment and we may do again if we both turn up, single, in the same place. Who knows? Never say never.
Ever had a weird situation like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one with a constant muddle of unanswered questions going round in my head. Anyone, please?
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