Travel Tuesday-Spanish Village, San Diego


Hi and welcome to Travel Tuesday! I am lucky enough to have visited some beautiful, interesting places and intend to visit a lot more!Over the weeks I'd like to share with you, some of the places I visited. Sometimes it may be a specific place and other times it may be a general area or city. It could be my native England or it could be somewhere far away. Anyway, hopefully you'll find it interesting!
I'm getting quite bad at leaving these posts to the last minute, aren't I? Sorry. I even had this post prepared, so all I had to do was remember to post it...Oh well.

Spanish Village Art Center is part of the famous Balboa Park in San Diego, which also contians a cactus garden, art galleries, San Diego zoo (a future post!) and much more. It's an amazing and interesting place to discover. I personally love this section with it's painted cobbles and artist workshops. You could go and see the artists at work and talk to them about their current projects,buy things and even take workshops! There was leatherwork, mosaic, jewellery, ceramics, painting, clothing, felting....If you love arty things then you'll find it so interesting. I wished I could've stayed and taken part in some workshops but I was only in San Diego for a week.
There was such a happy, relaxed, creative feel there and so many interesting pieces to discover in and around the center. If you appreciate the work that goes into all of these crafts then I would definitely recommend having a look around. You may even leave feeling inspired to try something new yourself!

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