Dorset Apple Cake


We've had a few wrinkly looking apples in a basket in the kitchen for a few days. No one really wanted to eat them and they were just starting to look a bit sad, so I decided it would be a good idea to put my baking head on. Apple cake to the rescue.
Dorset Apple Cake
I had a little browse on the internet and found a recipe here on BBC Good Food, and gave it a shot.
Since I used a 23 cm/9 inch tin as opposed to a 8 inch tin, the cake came out a little flat. I think next time I might add a tsp of baking powder and maybe even double the recipe (allowing more baking time). 
I decided to forgo the demerara sugar on top, in favour of an apple glaze (3 tbsp sugar and 1 small apple, boiled and reduced), which dad seemed quite happy with.
Anyway, it's a nice, basic, apple cake recipe which pleased dad, so give it a go.
Have you got a good apple cake recipe? Would you make any adjustments?

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