Easy Shoe DIY


We've had this average pair of brown brogues in our shop for about a week. They were cute but not particularly exciting. I was waiting for someone to spot them and pick them up but they remained on the shelf, looking at me. I do have a thing for brogues but they just weren't jazzy enough for me, so I had an idea. I wanted to spray them gold. So, I went online and had a look at gold spray paint and a couple of posts came up about painting shoes with nail varnish. It seemed a bit of a crazy idea but for a loss of £3 for the shoes and a bit of nail varnish, I thought it was worth a shot. I picked up three colours I liked (Barry M no 293, Rimmel lasting finish Block your green and Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus-if you were wondering) and had a go. It was actually pretty fun and therapeutic. 
The varnishes dried pretty fast and I gave them 2-3 coats each. I'm actually, really pleased the way they turned out and I'm even tempted to colour more panels, but I think I should stop. I also swapped the laces for a pair of orange ones I had, for a little extra pizazz.
I've had a look and some people seal them with acrylic gloss but most don't bother, so I'll just leave it for now. They seem pretty good and not too stiff. Woo, new shoes!

 What do you think? Have you ever painted shoes before? Has this convinced you to have a go, yourself?

Stupidly, I didn't take a 'before' photo but they roughly looked like this...

...before transforming into this!

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