Nearly Wearable


Howdy. Apologies for my bad blogging recently. I realise that people probably don't care but I'm apologising anyway. I've had a busy week. First aid course, dates, hen-do's...busy, busy. Anywho...
I've been knitting a lot recently too. You may have seen my post about my attempt to make a cardigan?? Never mind. It's been a bit of a pain in the arse. I think this is my...fifth attempt. Jeez Louise! Any sane person would've thrown the wool out of the window by now or set fire to it, or whatever...but I persevere. I'm now using a pattern for a jumper instead, and of course, I'm still changing it. 
So far it's going well. I've got a back, a sleeve and I've started my second sleeve...I'm determined to end up with something wearable. I may hate it but after all of this stress, I'm going to wear it every day, forever. Haha. 
I need a cup of tea...and a good sleep, and chocolate :)

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