She's Gone Crazy


...for wool.
See how I drew you in there? Ah, the powers of post titles.
Anywho, I've started a new project and it's a little adventurous. I'm attempting *drumroll* a cardigan. Eep! Scary stuff.
I've had a go at knitting a jumper ages ago, without a pattern and let's just say that it didn't go to plan. Sure, it had a front, back and two sleeves but it wasn't really the right shape to fit a human being. Yeah, that happens with some of my things... Oh well.
This time however, I had learn my lesson and got a pattern to fit my wool size, needle sizes and can be worked flat. I'm not attempting any circular knitting right now. I'm not that crazy! 
The problem with looking for a pattern with very specific parts (price, yarn size, needle size, construction, size, etc...) is that once you've narrowed it down with all of these bits and bobs, there aren't many that are...(to put it bluntly) not butt ugly!
I've finally settled on a pattern called My First Raglan Cardigan (free here) but I still want to make adjustments. I think it will work well as a base though, and I will try to follow most of it. I just want it longer, with longer sleeves and a lower neckline...and maybe pockets. We'll see how it goes. 
I've just finished knitting the back, which I had to correct a few times (grr arg) and adjust (grr arg) but it's done now, finally. Now, I've started on my first sleeve and I'm feeling more excited. This may take a while... Wish me luck!

(Apologies for no Travel  Tuesday this week)
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