The Super Hat


What does a sane person do when they've been tired all day? Go upstairs, put on their PJs and...knit a hat until 1:30am. Maybe not, but that's what I did. Strangely though. I didn't feel too tired the other day, haha!
I'm not sure what made me think of knitting a hat instead of sleeping but I'm pretty happy about it. You see, I've made hats before, but they've always been either too small or just plain bodged. This time, however, I did my research and looked up a pattern on Ravelry. FYI, if you don't know about Ravelry; it's a fantastic site that's free to sign up to and has tonnes of amazing knitting and crochet patterns. Some are made by fellow bloggers and some are from companies. There are free PDFs, print out's, paid for PDFs and patterns to order in the post. I've always found just what I needed in the free PDF's so haven't ever bought any. Give it a look, if you're a needle clacker!
The pattern I found is The Super Hat by On The Needles. It's a really easy, quick pattern, worked flat. Just what I was looking for. I did make a little adjustment (as always). I added a bobble, used two colours and added an extra four rows of stockinette stitch, to make it more slouchy.
I love that I've found an easy, quick pattern! Now I know that it works, I can experiment with other colours, fair isle or motifs. Ooh, Christmas presents! I'm getting too excited.
Happy hatting! Bring on the cold weather!

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