Travel Tuesday-Glastonbury, Somerset


Hi and welcome to Travel Tuesday! I am lucky enough to have visited some beautiful, interesting places and intend to visit a lot more!Over the weeks I'd like to share with you, some of the places I visited. Sometimes it may be a specific place and other times it may be a general area or city. It could be my native England or it could be somewhere far away. Anyway, hopefully you'll find it interesting!
No doubt you've heard of Glastonbury, even if you haven't ever visited it; most likely due to the famous festival (actually held in Pilton but whatever...). The town however, is a really interesting place to visit on it's own merit. There's the quirky, hippy high street where you can buy crystals, cloaks and eat in the wonderful vegetarian cafes. The abbey ruins, where the extravaganza is held and or course, the tor. There's also museums, guided tours and much more.
For some reason, I can only find a handful of pictures, so I've borrowed the last two pictures from Pinterest.
Without a doubt, this is a funky town, well worth having a look around. I don't know anywhere else quite like it. 


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