Travel Tuesday-Plitvice Lakes NP, Croatia


Hi and welcome to Travel Tuesday! I am lucky enough to have visited some beautiful, interesting places and intend to visit a lot more!Over the weeks I'd like to share with you, some of the places I visited. Sometimes it may be a specific place and other times it may be a general area or city. It could be my native England or it could be somewhere far away. Anyway, hopefully you'll find it interesting!

I was having a think about which place to post about next and I completely forgot about Plitvice. I don't know how I could, because it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. There are so many waterfalls and amazing photo opportunities. I could've gone there again and again. The dragonflies were pretty good posers too.
With almost 300 square kilometers, it's the largest national park in Croatia and it's now a UNESCO world heritage site, so it's fully protected.
You can walk along the various walkways or catch shuttle buses to different points and there are also a couple of boats across the water. 
I can't emphasise how beautiful it is. You really should put it on your bucket list, if it isn't already there. Weirdly it was on mine and we just happened to go there. Woo!

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