Celebrities Knitting :)


Sometimes people don't understand quite how wonderful knitting, crochet and general crafts are. They're so soothing and fulfilling. If you're one of those people who need proof that's it's not just an outdated skill for grandmas, then just have a look at this list...

...not to mention Elizabeth Jagger, David Arquette, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Scarlett Johannsen, Edith Piaff, Martha Stewart, Kimberly Stewart, Zooey Deschanel, Jane Birkin, Judy Garland, Goldie Hawn, Grace Kelly and loads more.

Convinced yet? Go grab yourself some needles and start clacking! Me and Luce are off to the knitting and stitching show. See you later, losers! :)

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