Hello Weekend :)


Hi readers,
Here's just a little update of what I've been making during the past couple of days...

I made this really scrummy quiche the other day, with cheese, red onion, rocket and mushrooms. I quite like making quiches because they're so easy. Just make a simple shortcrust pastry (100g butter, 225g plain flour, pinch of salt), blind bake it, whisk up a couple of eggs, some milk and cheese and just chuck in whatever you fancy. That's my kind of cooking. 
It does also make a nice change to not just be baking a cake for dad! Mmm quiche...

I've also been busy knitting (as usual) and finally finished my jumper! Ok, I know it's huge and imperfect but it's finally done. No longer do I have to stay awake thinking about sleeves or pockets...
It's super cosy so I expect I'll be wearing it more as the evenings get chillier.

Of course my next project was planned halfway through knitting the last one and thankfully it was a lot quicker and easier to make-a hand muff! (Haha muff)
My hands get stiff and hurt when they get too cold, so I had an idea to knit a hand muff. Weirdly, it's not something that's easy to find or to even find a pattern for. There were a couple on Ravelry but they weren't quite right, so I just made it up.
I'm pretty pleased with the result, despite the bunching, because it's chunky and cosy. I may add a neck-strap at some point but we'll see.

Have you been making anything recently?

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