Hey, We're All Human. It's Ok...


...to drink juice straight from the carton when nobody's watching, but tell off anyone else if you spot them doing it.

...to secretly find farts hilarious.

...to only get your make-up perfect on days that it doesn't matter.

...to still forget to take a bag with you. It's ok, I'll just carry everything in a massive pile.

...to want to get into pyjamas as soon as you walk through the door.

...to be a feminist and still like some rom-coms.

...to be really into exercise in the warmer months. It's just too chilly to go outside right now. I'll just have a nice winter layer to keep me warm.

...to put Peppa Pig on for the kids and end up watching it more than they do.

...to not think of yourself as an adult yet. Lady? Who? Me? Haha...

...to feel old in Topshop. It doesn't mean you are. Stupid crop tops :(

...to not understand how to deal with cheques.

...to wear clothes out of the pile, if they pass the sniff test.

...to imagine that big, fancy, dream job but not want all of the agro'.

...to eat beans on toast when watching a fancy cookery show.

...to cry at stupid things. Better to release the crazy than keep it all bottled up.

I hope my list has made you smile and see that no-one is perfect. Have a great day and add any extras you'd like in the comments :)

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