Beat The New Year's Blues :)


Ahoy hoy!
Surprise! Bet you thought I was dead (all three of you) but I'm not. I'm alive and kicking and with a fresh few pairs of tights to boot! I just thought it might be good to take a more relaxed approach to this doohickey. Life has been getting in the way and it's a little bit more important.
Anyway, it's Christmas time with New Year's approaching fast. People are gobbling up their treats, opening their presents and watching something festive on the box. They're enjoying the moment (mostly, hopefully) before the lull, when reality sets back in and the crazy jumpers are shoved away. The moment where belts feel tighter, wallets feel lighter and (as adults) a sense of 'What did I actually do this year?' lays heavy on our minds.
We think of the resolutions we made last year and didn't keep. We think of that terrible job we have to go back to because we didn't make any effort to find something better. We think of the holiday we could've had if we hadn't spent our money on silly things. We think of the lack of commitment in our lives and the lack of care we've taken with ourselves. 
All in all, we bury ourselves deep into a pit of darkness and despair, only to drink heavily into January 1st.
Some people (thankfully) are not quite as gloomy and like to think of the new year as a fresh start, a clean slate and stroll merrily ahead. I am trying to be one of those people and here are my 10 positive resolutions for 2016 for everyone.
Deal with Not having set Goals or Aspirations
The majority of people do not grow up knowing what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Some people may spend their whole time flitting from job to job. Some people may follow the family into a career that isn't really their dream. That's life. It isn't perfect. Be thankful for having a job. You can always learn and train and try harder but don't beat yourself up. We are all valuable.
Look after Yourself
Treat yourself as you would a child. Feed yourself healthy food. Go outside for some fresh air. Get a good night's sleep. Don't be mean to yourself. You may think you don't matter but you are just as important as anyone else. Age, gender, race, wealth, sexuality, religion...irrelevant. YOU matter. 
Set Yourself a Challenge
This can be as big or small as you can imagine. It can be walking the Great Wall of China or making yourself eat more broccoli. It can be one challenge or many, but the idea is to do it. Complete the challenge and get that feeling of fulfilment. You will feel so much better for it.

Do Kind things for Others
Randomly treat a friend to lunch for no reason. Open doors for people. Volunteer your time or donate something. Do a sponsored event. Ring your mum more often. Tape money to a vending machine. Eat less meat. Say good morning to strangers. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Read to the elderly or ill.
It's so easy to do something for someone else and it makes the world a better place.
Open your Mind
Travel. Try new food. Speak to new people. Read a new genre of book (or any book!). Listen to new music. Learn about a new culture or hobby. The world is a diverse, interesting, amazing place. Get to know some more of it. Stale people with stale ideas are not any good.

Stop comparing Everything
This is easier said than done and with Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of other social networks, it is damn near impossible. Everything is out there for everyone to see and it's not doing any of us any favours. End it. Your worth does not depend on the strength of your eyebrows, the size of your bum or the amount of money you have in the bank. There will always be someone better than you, so get over it. Appreciate what you have.
Do not waste your time on Bad people
People who put you down, criticize you and don't appreciate you. People who take advantage of you, treat you badly and don't listen to you. If they don't care, why should you? You are equal. Walk away. Do not stay to keep the status quo. You are worth more than that. Do not lose a piece of yourself for someone else's approval.

Smile and think Positively
Your shitty year could've easily been a good year with a change of attitude. Bad things happen all the time but you can't focus purely on them or you will drive yourself insane. See the good. Find something to make you smile and laugh. Life is short; enjoy it.
Don't live life through other's expectations
Wear a crazy shirt. Sing karaoke. Go to sleep early. Write a book. You're happiness shouldn't rely on other people's opinions or expectations. It's your life. Do what the hell you want with it.
Ok, it's only 9 but you get the jist.
Have a great 2016!

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  1. Cheers Emma really cheered me up reading this so true ur very talented good choice of words xx