Travel Tuesday-Dublin, Ireland


Hi and welcome to Travel Tuesday! I am lucky enough to have visited some beautiful, interesting places and intend to visit a lot more!Over the weeks I'd like to share with you, some of the places I visited. Sometimes it may be a specific place and other times it may be a general area or city. It could be my native England or it could be somewhere far away. Anyway, hopefully you'll find it interesting!
Hello again people! Last week a group of us were away in Dublin for my boyfriend's birthday and despite the cold and rain, we all had a great time. Getting there was a breeze but unfortunately the return wasn't quite so easy. Two cancelled planes, three taxis, one ferry, three trains and a bus did eventually return us thirty eight hours later. Needless to say, it left a bit of a dampener on the whole thing.
Dublin though, was great and I'd like to talk more about that.
The city itself is really interesting and full of Irish charm. FYI, you will never see so many Spars in your life. They're crazy for them...haha. Spars and bars!

Their love of Guinness is evident and a tour through the storehouse is a must. Who can say no to a complimentary pint and a 360° view of the city? You must try the Guinness bread in one of the local pubs too. It's awesome. 
Great food, great live music, friendly people and full of quirks; this city is a must for the bucket list.
thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Emerald Isle.

One last tip-Dodge the leprechaun museum unless you're a small child or get excited by colourful pieces of string...

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