10 things that are true when you STILL live with your parents


My name's Emma, I'm twenty six and I...still live with my parents. 
Somehow, even now that there are a lot of people still living with their parents into their late twenties and maybe even thirties, this still feels like a big confession. I suppose it's a mixture of feeling that you should have your own life sorted out by now and the whole lack of independence. All in all, it feels embarrassing.
This is not to say that I don't love my parents; I do, very much. They're great and I'm so thankful for them but sometimes you need your own space...
10 Things that are true when you STILL live with your parents
You have little-no privacy
Sure, you have your own room (mostly) but that doesn't mean you have any privacy. Mum still washes your knickers and puts them in your drawer (and probably has a snoop around your room afterwards)
Want to invite a date back? Even if they pass the grilling from the parents, you still can't actually do anything. You'll keep getting asked what your doing and why you don't want to sit with them. Don't even think about getting away with anything more than kissing anyway because they can hear everything...

You don't get left alone
Parents come and sit and your bed to see what you're up to without knocking. You get asked what you're doing all the time and why you're doing it. Why can't just potter about, have a mooch and then rest afterwards? Why does it always have to be something useful? 

You get made to do odd jobs
Sometimes you just want a slobbing about in the front of the TV kind of day but you've been spotted. You could be hoovering, dusting, food shopping, ironing or finding yourself a better job with more hours so you never have any spare time, ever. What were you thinking, trying to just enjoy your life? Idiot.
Mum calls and texts you all the time
No matter how old you are or how you've proven yourself to be a successful adult in the past, your mum will still panic if you haven't text her to tell her that you've got to your local town successfully. You're thirty minutes late getting back from work and you haven't called? You must've died horrifically in a car crash, not popped down the shops for a magazine and some chocolate. Obviously this is crazy, but Mum's are crazy things. It just means she loves you.

You can't stay out late
Well, you can...assuming you don't mind your mother getting absolutely no sleep until she's heard you come through the front door, walk up the stairs, said 'hello' to check that you're not an intruder and then come into your bedroom to ask you for all of the details of the night. Do not assume that saying you will be late will be enough for her. She will still be awake.
Don't even try sneaking a guy/girl in. Bad move.

Mum wants to fatten you up
One of the first questions I get asked when I return from...well, anywhere is 'What have you had to eat today?' No matter what your answer is, the response will be a frown and an offering of the entire contents of the kitchen. Clearly I have not been starving myself. I love food. 
Being veggie, I also get asked if I've had any protein every single day; as if I'd forget that your body needs it. I am not a child and I know how to take care of myself. Jeez.

You're piggy in the middle
Mum forgot to use the parsnips from the garden or dad left his grubby work clothes lying around. Whatever the problem is, you have to listen to the moaning. Dad always.... Mum never...
Yes, we get it. You're both human and you both make mistakes; just stop complaining about it to us while we're trying to watch Tattoo Fixers.

Facebook jealousy
Your friends are lucky enough and successful enough to have their own place. Sure it's small, cold and so expensive that they can't come out any more but it's theirs. Just seeing a pic of them under a blanket, watching a Breaking Bad marathon, in the living room is enough put make you feel miserable. You're more likely to have seen all of Lewis and The One Show than anything as young and cool as that.

You get compared to your mum/dad
This may not be a thing that happens to everyone but this always happens to me. Everyone loves my mum because she's so friendly and silly. They don't see the actual 'mum' side of things. She's always seen as the 'cool' mum and I'm seen as more of a nerdy daughter. It's a bit of a Saffy and Edina situ but more toned down. Sure, it's good to have a relatively cool mum, on the whole but when you have to tell her off for going out in leather trousers AGAIN, it can be kind of draining.

...And everyone else
Did you know that Judith's daughter is younger than you, has a great job, a husband, two kids and has been to America three times? Did you know that a mother of an old school friend of yours has just informed your mum that she is a highly successful accountant in London and runs her own company?
What have you been up to recently? Oh, watching Come dine with me re-runs... Yup. That doesn't make you feel shitty at all.

But it's not all bad. After all you barely pay any rent, no bills, have food cooked for you, clothes washed and ironed and as many hugs as you could ask for. They're not really so bad after all...

What bugs you the most about living at home?
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  1. I can relate to a lot of this :P

  2. Everything about this post is so funny and true! And about the texting, trust me, its SO much more when you move out!! Mum texts me in the morning. Then by about lunchtime, if I havent answered, she texts me every 20 minutes. Haha aww <3