30 Questions


Time for a bit of self indulgence. I love a good questionnaire :)

1) What's your middle name?
2) Do you have any nicknames?
Gru, Edgar, Em, Ems, Murrs, Embley, Embleywooblekins, piggy Emma
3) How are you feeling ?
Pretty chipper :)
4) Do you have any piercings?
My ears, finally.
5) Do you have any tattoos?
Just this little fella but I have plans for more.

6) What's your favourite meal?
It kind of depends how I'm feeling. I love cooking with veg, garlic, chilli, olives, halloumi, pasta...
7) What's your favourite drink?
Tea and cider (medium, sweet) of course!
8) What are your favourite colours?
Autumnal colours
9) What's your favourite way to exercise?
Casually cycling around the countryside. It makes me feel so happy :)
10) What's the last country you visited?
Wales. Boyo lives there at the moment, so I go there quite a lot.
11) What country do you want to visit?
I'm dying to travel in Mexico. The colours, the culture, the history, the food, the scenery. It just amazes me. I have to visit!
12) What perfume do you wear?
Euphoria by Calvin Klein or DKNY Red Delicious. I also use Moschino Hippy Fizz at work.
13) What's your favourite flower?
Umm... Can I just have all of these?

14) What's your favourite season?
Autumn. I love the crisp air, the crunchy, colourful leaves, hot chocolate, fireworks, cosy jumpers, pumpkins...
15) What song are you listening to at the moment?
None. I'm about to go to sleep.
16) What's your favourite board game?
Monopoly maybe or Scrabble...?
17) What's your favourite animal?
Quokkas. They're just the happiest little things. I also really love koalas.
18) Do you always smile in photos ?
Smile or a weird face generally.
19) Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. (Link)

20) Apple or Android?
I've only used android but it's pretty good and a LOT cheaper than Apple. Go android!
21) What's your favourite band?
Probably Kasabian at the moment. I want to see them again. They're so good live.
22) Who's your favourite solo artist?
Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Paolo Nutini or Geoorge Ezra. I guess that's not really one. Oops.
23) Do you have any phobias?
Sunken/sinking ships or planes. They freak me out more than anything. 
24) Who's your favourite film director?
Probably still Tim Burton despite the more recent stuff...
25) What's your favourite film?
Not sure at the moment but it used to be Heathers. Gotta love 80's Christian Slater. Mmm...
Time for a re-watch.

26) What films always make you cry?
The Notebook, Toy Story 3, and Cast Away.
27) What book are you reading at the moment?
I keep trying but I'm feeling so distracted at the moment. I did start Animal Farm and Oranges are not the only fruit.
28) What's a random fact about you?
I used to press my nose up like I pig when I was bored.
29) Who was the last person you hugged?
Mambo. We're a huggy family.
30) Why did you start this blog?
I've done blogs for years and although I always delete them and start again, over and over and never get any better at the design...I enjoy doing it. It's kind of like a big, open diary.

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