V is for Valentine's


So, me and the boyf have just had our first Valentine's day and although a lot people think of the big V just as a stupid excuse for card companies and supermarkets to sell us a load of unnecessary, forced, faux-romantic tat, we actually had a really great day. We stayed in Cardiff, played adventure golf and had a lovely meal out. 
 That in mind, I thought I'd do a cute, Valentine's-y, lovey dovey post. (Don't panic. I won't do loads of these!)

10 Things I love about my boyfriend
He Makes me laugh
Singing silly songs, explaining how to cook and just generally being silly. He doesn't even have to do anything sometimes. I can just look at his face. I love it.

Affectionate and Caring
I tell him his cheese-y and to be fair, sometimes he is...but I'm probably worse. I never thought I'd want anything like that but because he's genuine and honest, I actually do. I know it's not just for show.

Passionate about Music
 The boy has pretty good taste actually. There are a few anomalies which we won't mention,
 *cough Wurzels cough* 
but it's the passion for it that I like the most. The strong opinions and musical knowledge are what I like...and the singing. Always, always singing.

I know it's not the most romantic thing to say but I love how comfortable I feel around him. There's no pretension and I don't feel like I need to 'behave' or put on an act. I can just be myself and that is so under-rated. I know he feels the same way too and that's great. I feel like I can just tell him anything.

Honesty and Loyalty
These are both very important things to me and I know they are to him as well. A good relationship can only go so far without these. If you can't be honest and loyal then what have you got? What's the point? 

Seperate Interests
I understand that it's good to have hobbies and things in common with your partner but it's also good to have something for yourself. Something seperate, that's just yours. For example, I love arty things and the boyf likes football. I like Zumba, he likes running. I can't see us ever getting into the other's hobbies and I wouldn't want to. We have plenty of things we like to do together, so it's all good. As long as we respect each other, it's fine.

Similar life goals
This is not to say that we are the same but we have discussed how we each see the future and what our goals are. It may seem a bit early, but I think it's important to talk these things over if you want things to last. We have to support each other and know what we want from each other.

The way he looks at Me
As if I'm magic. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

His quirks
Terrible accents, losing everything, naughty eyebrows, superhero films...everything. Even the little things that annoy me aren't that annoying.

His looks
I know this may sound shallow but I wouldn't go out with someone I didn't fancy. I know some people say it's not as important as other things but it's a big factor. Luckily for me, I fancy the pants off my boyf. He's pretty scrummy.

Single or coupled up, I hope you had a great Valentine's weekend xxxx

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  1. I love this :)
    I'm so happy that you're happy XD