A Summertime Stroll


Evening readers,
So, it's been over two weeks of living in Bristol with the boyf and I'm loving it. I love our cute, little flat. I love spending more time with my guy and I'm loving city life. 
Being able to walk around such an interesting, alive place is awesome. There are so many different parts to explore (and shops, markets and pubs!) Thankfully the boyf loves wandering around with me and my friends can't wait to come back again.

Today was another lovely, sunny day and so it felt right to go and take full advantage of it. I walked with the boyf, to his work in the centre, harbourside and decided to wander into the Arnolfini gallery. To be honest, I wasn't particularly into the modern art but it was still interesting to have a look around and I'll probably have another look in if there's a particular exhibition I'd like to see. 
Park Street was next, as I had to visit Sobeys; a great, quirky shop that sells amazing, ceramic jewellery. (Check out the crab!) I then grabbed a scrummy passion-fruit gelato from Swoon and ate it, sat by the water.
Walking back was a bit less fun and tiring but it made me appreciate my tea! Haha.

A perfect sunny afternoon in Bristol :)

I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday! x

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