First home checklist


We looked, we applied and BINGO, we got accepted. Yep, me and the boyfriend are moving in together!
This Saturday we have to go and sign the paperwork, pay the deposit and the keys will be ours! It's so exciting! (Sorry about all of the exclamation marks. It's been one of those days.)
Whilst boyo has been off, celebrating with his friends, all I've been thinking about is packing, sorting, moving and putting stuff into the new place. To be perfectly honest I already packed a few things last week, sorted some furniture, sorted through a few things... What can I say? I'm impatient.
I do feel a bit guilty that I pretty much own a house amount of items, so there will be less for us to buy together, but at least it means we won't have to buy so much now! Obviously we will still be doing the obligatory Ikea trip. That's a definite. There will just be a little less to buy.
Anywho, babble over. Let's get on with this dohickey. 
(Everything you need)
-Duvet covers (at least 3)
-Sheets (at least 3)
-Clothes storage
-Side table
-Comfy seating
-Cushions and blankets
-TV table
-Coffee/side table
-Toilet roll
-Hand wash
-Hand towels (at least 2)
-Bath mat
-Bath towels (at least 2 pp)
-Toilet brush
-Food staples (dried foods, herbs and spices, teabags etc)
-Pots and pans
-Spatula/large spoon/masher/whisk/
-Measuring jug
-Mixing bowl/s
-Bottle opener
-Tea towels
-Washing up sponge/brush/liquid
-Drying rack
-Tupperware/food storage
-Foil/baking paper/cling film
-Sandwich bags
-Chopping board/s
-Can opener
-Hairdryer/straighteners etc
-First aid kit
-Bin bags
-Vacuum/dustpan and brush/mop
-Duster/cleaning cloth
-Rubber gloves
-Washing powder/fabric softener
-Screwdriver/pliers/hammer/tapes/measuring tape
-Drawing pins
-Airers/Clothes horse/Washing line/Pegs

-Spare keys
-Smoke detector
Have I forgotten about anything important? Just drop a comment underneath and I'll add it on.

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  1. Clothes horse, washing machine, tumble dryer (although not a necessity - we've been without one for a couple of years) washing line/rotary, pegs! Drawing pins too.
    Also, If you have sandwich bags and /or freezer bags and Tupperware/re used takeaway tubs you won't need cling film. Think green and reuse!

  2. Drink mats. Carbon monoxide alarm. I think that may be a legal rental requirement along with the smoke alarm though? X

  3. Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide are both now legal requirements!
    Yaaaaaay Emma!!
    Sarah xxx