New Digs


So, it's finally happened. Me and the boyf' have moved in together. We've got a cute little place in Bristol, surrounded by trees and grass but only a (relatively) short walk away from the centre.
I thought it might feel like a shock to the system, going from living in the sticks and being woken up by cows moo-ing, noisy farmers and tractors, to city life with traffic, street lights and noise but it's actually fine. It doesn't feel strange or muddly at all. 
To be perfectly honest, I did get pretty nervous leading up to the move but now we're in, it feels so natural and easy. I guess that just proves what a great team me and the boyf' really are. We're both really happy.
Now, we just need to sort our jobs out and everything will be great. Woo!!

Have a fabulous weekend :)

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