12 Things You Learn When You Move In Together


Hey readers,
I know  I left it a little while but I've been busy exploring, applying for jobs, making food (nom nom nom) and just getting used to my new life here with the boyf.
I did have a go at starting this post a few days ago but I'm so easily distracted *Ooh a shiny penny!*
Anywho, here goes...

12 Things You Learn When You Move In Together 

Not having lived with your partner; you probably haven't been grocery shopping with them. Trust me, it's interesting. People get strangely defensive about their food, so try not too question them too much. Maybe one of you likes having a list and sticking to it and the other likes to look at everything and pick up whatever looks interesting to them. Perhaps one of you loves biscuits while the other is a health freak...
The way you eat food when you're at home is probably a lot different to when you're at your partners parent's house too. Oh, you love to eat jam out of the jar, sat in your pants? Alrighty then...
(Who are these people??)

Leaving Things On
One of you , if not both, will leave lights on, doors open, the heating on, the fridge open... It's infuriating but you have to resist the urge to poke their eyes out. You probably do a lot of annoying crap too, that you don't even realise. Live and let live. There is more to life.

Stupid Arguments
You will have them. You will. I don't mean the massive, important arguments about cheating or stealing money. I mean the stupid ones about why you put the teatowels in a different cupboard or who forgot to pick up milk. You will be tired, they will be tired and there will probably be tears.
Go, calm down and hug it out. It'll all be ok.

The dreaded housework. This is where the other person realises that you hate housework just as much as they do. It's dull, time consuming and (at the start) a bit confusing, but it has to be done. Noone wants to live in a land of filth. Thankfully for me, the boyf is pretty good at doing his part; even if he does need a bit of poking first. Surprising!

Quirks & Habits
So, you never realised that he sang Bon Jovi in the shower or that he likes to wee with the door open. Now you do. And all of those things you do, like meowing like a cat or sing-talking? Yup, that's weird too. You're both weirdos but you're each other's weirdo.

Different Hours
I know that mine and the boyf's hours are probably a bit more extreme than other couples. I'd usually be awake 8am-11pm and he'd be awake 11am-3am. It's a work issue. We do all have different patterns though and it takes a while to adjust to the other person's pattern. Sure, it might be more of case of different meal times but you can work it out. It'll just take a little time.

Sex Timetables
I don't mean literally. We don't schedual these things. That would be depressing. I just mean that due to work, life or just the kind of dream you had; you may want a bit of intimacy at completely different times. Blargh. It happens.

Ugh, bills. They're such a pain in the butt. I know you're only paying half of everything now but that's still rent, television, electric, gas, water, internet. food etc and you have to decide how to pay it. Split it all down the middle? One pay for a couple and the other pay for the rest? Cash? Direct Debit? So frustrating. Just make sure you talk these things out calmly with your partner in advance. No slanging matches here, people!

Boys Are Gross
Ok, I know that this is a generalisation and I'm sorry. No offence meant. I just mean that (a lot of) guys fart a lot, have no aim, leave change, pens, crumbs and hair everywhere. It's gross. Guys, sort it out.

Bed is the best. Bed is for snuggles, kisses, chats and just relaxing. Coming to bed with your partner, after a long day can just be bliss. It can also be duvet wars and fighting about being too hot.
Tip-Open the window. It gets too hot and...funky.

You may both own a lot of stuff, or both just have the bare minimum but in our case, it's a little one sided. I have quite a lot of stuff. A flat-full and more. I still have stuff back at the parent's house. I have stuff hidden behind other stuff that seems to be growing new stuff. It's a bit chaotic tbh.
Boyo, on the other hand, is pretty minimal.
It did mean that we only had a few necessities to buy before moving in but I do feel a bit guilty sometimes. I try to tell him that what's mine is his but there are certain things that definitely aren't.

Couple Time
No matter about all of these things. The most important thing is that you now have your own space to hang out with your favourite person. You can watch TV in your underwear and know that no-one is going to walk in. You get to wake up with your best friend and have daily hugs and kisses. You can do secret, cute things for each other like making them a cup of tea or surprising them with a cool t-shirt you found. It's the best. When you're with the right person, it's the best.

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