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Evening readers,
How's it going? I'm still loving Bristol.
I've been on another little explore. There are just so many different areas! I love it.
This time I was mooching about on Gloucester Road. ( I have an interview there tomorrow! Shh...don't want to jinx in.)
There are a lot of independent, arty shops, health food shops, retro shops, haberdasheries, pubs and charity shops. What more could you want? Just my sort of place. I even found a shop that sells wool! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a good wool shop in Bristol! Maybe it would've been helpful to look on a site like this. Anywho...

Picking a place to eat was tricky. There were so many interesting looking places. I just wanted to try everything...There's a reason I'm not skinny, haha. I decided on Eat A Pitta and my goodness, do they fill that thing! Check out the (not so pretty) pic below. That is with a big chunk eaten already! It was scrummy. Mmm-mm-mm. I highly recommend it. I had to time half of it back home with me and it was only a fiver. Bargain.

 I had a wander up Park street today, after having a coffee with the boyf and nosied around a couple of shops, had a look around a portrait exhibit in the Bristol Museum and couldn't resist a stop in Sandwich Sandwich. They do really amazing sandwiches.
I went for goats cheese, roasted veg and hummus. It was only £3.95 and it was so good.

Inspired by the lovely artwork around here and feeling more like doing something arty than buying anything; I decided to have a go at painting Frida Kahlo. I know my painting skills leave a lot to be desired but hey... I didn't think it came out too shabbily.
I found the film 'Frida' online too, so I watched that while I was doing it. I may seem a little obsessed. I just think she's awesome. My favourite artist and a cool person too. The film didn't disappoint.

I've been doing some baking too. I know I shouldn't have really but the bananas were getting too mushy to eat and I didn't want to waste them. Who doesn't love banana cupcakes (or muffins)? See my past blog post HERE on how to make them.

Well that's all for today. I think I need a cup of tea!
Nighty x

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